blindDANCE Film Festival

blindDANCE Film Festival accepts film entries throughout the year leading up to a live festival and red carpet screening of the finalists from the online year long festival.

IT IS FREE to submit a film (for legally blind film makers), AND you are ELIGIBLE for BIG prizes, like a scholarship to our film makers workshop on the beach in mexico, in MAY of 2021. Our mission is to cultivate ground (through the art of film) for growth and collaboration for those living with vision loss/blindness while providing a platform to raise awareness of different types of blindness. WHITE CANES, CAMERA, ACTION!


Filmmakers who are Low Vision/Blind experience opportunities for leadership as they produce films that show what the world looks like through their eyes . DID YOU KNOW that 9 out of 10 people who are legally blind still have some usable vision? Films made by legally blind film makers likely will feature legally blind people, naturally raising awareness! Get ready to SEE the world of film in a way you literally never have imagined as film makers, who are blind, create new methods in the art-form storytelling and cinematography in film.

All finalists from this year’s online international competition will be invited to the screening and VIP Celebrity party in the Greater DC area in Nov. 2021. Some crowd favorite blindDANCE film makers will have their travel costs to the screening in DC sponsored in accordance with donations.